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The Nomad Hard Shell Rooftop Tent is our latest design in hard shell rooftop tents. We took all the aspects of the Wanderer that we love and designed a more compact, sleeker model fit for solo travelers or couples looking to hit the road at the snap of a finger. 

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  • Sleeps two adults
  • Open size: 84 x 57 x 37
  • Closed size 82 x 57x 11.5
  • Interior head space: 36”
  • Width (left to right) between mounting tails: 24.25″
  • Maximum distance (front to back) between rack cross bars: 59.5″


  • The outer shell is made of composite fiberglass with an aerodynamic shape to reduce road noise. 
  • Secured closed with double cam buckles on either side



  • The Nomad has a stainless steel frame and tent poles. It opens and closes in seconds and with ease thanks to a hydraulic support system.

Wall material

  • The wall material is a 280g polyurethane coated polyester- cotton blend canvas
  • UV proof and the water proof rating is 3000mm (a typical backpacking tent has a waterproof rating of 1000mm)
  • Even with the tent closed, there is room for bedding, ladder, and extra camping supplies (fishing poles, folded camping chairs, etc).


Doors and Windows

  • The Nomad has large front and back windows with mesh screens and canvas covers. There are door ways on both sides of the tent with zip up mesh screens for increased air flow. The drivers side door has an awning to shade you from the sun and rain flaps to protect you from the rain. 


  • The tent is shipped with a sturdy but lightweight aluminum telescoping ladder that hooks onto either side of the tent. The maximum height is about 8’ 6”. The ladder weight capacity is 330 lbs. 

Extra amenities:

  • two interior hooks
  • 2 interior shoe bag/organizing pockets
  • large mesh storage compartment
  • Solar portable LED light
  • mosquito netting on both windows and doors
  • high density foam mattress (30 density, non deforming 7 cm thick foam sponge.)



      We understand that a rooftop tent is a big investment. We at origin camping supply want your tent to last you through many years of outdoor adventures. We provide a 1 year warranty to the original purchaser against manufacturer defects covering workmanship, parts, and materials which fail under normal use. This warranty does not cover problems due to user error, neglect, or acts of god.


      • Free shipping within the continental United States.
      • Free local pick-up is also available. Please contact us for details.
      • Tents are located in our midwest warehouse and will be shipped within 10 days of payment.
      • Arrives 5-7 business days of shipment.
      • Ships within Continental United States only.


      Roof top tents can be a great addition to a wanderers lifestyle and many are safely in use. However, when choosing the proper tent for your vehicle, certain precautions should be taken:

      There are two types of weight capacities for roof racks, Static Weight Capacity (when your vehicle is parked) and Dynamic Weight Capacity (when your vehicle is in motion).

      Rooftop tent owners must be aware of both dynamic load during travel and static weight of the tent, gear, and occupants when the vehicle is parked

      When your vehicle is parked and you’re ready to climb into your roof top bed, you are static and the capability to handle weight becomes greater

      As a general rule, sport utility vehicles and trucks can be good candidates for a rooftop tent, while cars, sedans, and hatchbacks require a bit more consideration

      Never use a rooftop tent with any clip or flush rail type systems

      Never use a rooftop tent with any vehicle whose rooftop load limit is under 165 lbs

      Rooftop tents are usually acceptable for some fixed point and most raised rail systems

      For installation on a shell, canopy, or topper using tracks or fixed points, please check with the manufacturer for approval and installation guidelines

      When using your rooftop tent, inspect rack system and connection before each and every use. Discontinue usage if any signs of looseness or wear appear

      Any installation and use is at the sole discretion and risk of the user


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